LFS Endurance Series Season 5 Rules available in english

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LFS Endurance Series Season 5 Rules available in english

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Anything that is clearly not permitted by this regulation is considered banned. In case of protest, the french version of this regulation will be used.

1) Introduction

The LFS Endurance Series [LFSes] are an endurance championship on the game Live For Speed [LFS]. The main aim of these races is to have fun. It is therefore required everyone to act with the utmost fairness and that common sense prevails over any rule. These races last between 3 and 24 hours and are composed of two categories of 15 cars each performing at the same time in the same race. Each car entered is composed of several drivers. It is the spirit of endurance!

2) Organization of the championship

2.1. The LFSes are open to all drivers no matter its origin, its experience, its level or belonging to a team as far as he respects the basic rules of fair play. In case of failure, LFSES staff reserve the right to penalize him during the race up to the exclusion of the championship.
2.2. The season is divided into 7 races and a bonus round, the length is between 3 and 24 hours. The bonus round will not be counted in the final points and can be totally different with the other races.
2.3. A ballast system will ensure fair competition.
2.4. Software will help Marshalls to organize the event.
2.5. The name of the admins will be written in this format: Admin - nameoftheadmin
2.6. A live broadcast will be available when the number of registered will exceed 10 and that the number of admin can make it. The streaming will be confirmed or rejected 24 hours before the race.
2.7. The name of any person on the broadcast will be:
WebTV - name
2.8. If the number entered is greater than 35, a second server is available.
2.9. The races consist of two categories:

FZR (+25 kg)

GT350: GT2 FZR (20%) XRR GT2 (24%) FXR GT2 (23%)

2.10. Four races formats will be used this season: 3 hours, 6 hours, 1000kms, 9 hours.
2.11. The chat is strictly prohibited during the races. This rule may result in penalties in any abusive chat is observed.
2.12. The staff has the right to amend this regulation without prior notice. Any changes will act from the next round will be announced officially.
2.13. Official list of directors of the series:Paula Jorge Pinheiro, Laurynas Matons, Oliv76 & Morgan Trollé
2.14. List of moderators of the series: Pierre Peron, Nicolas Vallee, Miro Rauti, Ludovic Le Henaff, Romain Thomas. If you want help us, send a private message to an administrator.
2.15. The clutch button is forbidden.
2.16. It is forbidden to take part in LFSES with a modified version of LFS (mods, cheat ...)
2.17. It is permissible to use add on useful which do not affect performance as LFS Relax (please simply deactivated the automatic messages) Ainio ...
2.18. It will be possible to contact the admins via a chat on the internet.

3) Season Schedule

Round 0: 3:00 Kyoto GP (KY3) - September 11, 2010
Round 1: 3 hours South City Long Reverse (SO4R) - October 23, 2010
Round 2: 1000 kms Aston Grand Prix (AS5) - December 11, 2010
Round 3: 3:00 Blackwood Reverse (BL1R) - January 22, 2011
Round 4: 1000 kms Kyoto National (KY2) - February 26, 2011
Round 5: 3:00 Fern Bay Black (FE4) - March 19, 2011
Round 6: 6:00 Rockingham - April 23, 2011
Round 7: 9:00 Westhill Reverse (WE1R) - May 21, 2011
Round 8: Bonus - June 4, 2011
Rounds 0 and 8 will not be counted. The round 0 is a test run. This Regulation

4) General Rules of the organization of a race

4.1. Registration for each race will open about a week before the race.
4.2. The qualifications will begin half an hour before the race and will last 20 minutes.
4.3. In case the number of registered would be less than 15 (cars), all drivers of all cars are allowed on the server. In case the number of registered would be less than 21 (cars), 2 drivers per car are allowed on the server (including current driver). Otherwise, only the driver at the wheel now has the right to be present on the server. During a driver change, replacing the driver can connect 2laps before his stint in order to avoid overloading the server, when the taking over is done, log out as soon as possible. For longer races, the number of drivers per car allowed to be in the server can't exceed 2.
4.4. The Chat is strictly prohibited. However, LFSES tolerate some mistakes and penalties will not be given for one or two accidental lines (private message wrong smiley awkward ...) However in case of a flood, a drive through penalty will be automatically given to the driver. It is forbidden to ask a question to admins, ask for clarification or to request something admins! Penalties should be done in maximum 3 laps.
4.5. A public chat will be available at each race
4.6. Teamspeak server in TS3 is available to all. Each team member can go there. The admins are present throughout the duration of the race. It is also above that is the comment stream. However, the number of places is limited and priority is given to the directors: IP:
4.7. The race schedules vary depending on length:
- Races 3 hours: 8:30 p.m. start
- Courses of 6 hours or 1000kms: 3:30 p.m. start
- Races 9, 12 or 24 hours: starting 1:30 p.m.
4.10. Format the names of the pilots is as follows:
GT500: 101 nickname
GT350: 201 nickname
The class number should be in red in GT500 and blue in GT350, the number be white and color is free for nickname as it remains legible. He is asked not to name the team before the nick.
4.8. In case of disconnection, a driver (not necessarily the driver who was driving before) can reconnect and rejoin the track. Its complete laps before the incident will be recorded. The tower where the incident occurred will be recorded if and only if the driver was in the last sector of this lap and no sign of cheating appears.
4.9. A software called "tracker" will be available on the Internet will allow any teams racing to know his exact position.
4.10. A team missing which miss the starting procedure will not be allowed to take part in the race once it started (green flag)
4.11. Any driver may bring claims of a decision, a result or a racing incident. To do this he will have to go to the official race topic and ensure clear the object of his complaint stating the problem, his identity and his views.
4.12. Any insult or unsportsmanlike conduct, abusive, racist will be punished by immediate exclusion of LFSES. This may be definitive.
4.13. The setup is free, apart from the restrictions of class and balances mentioned above.
4.14. The skin is free but must necessarily include the template LFSES official with the car number. The names of the pilots is not mandatory. It is prohibited to affix on the skin of logos, images and other racist, pornographic, violent or unsportsmanlike.
4.15. The skin can be changed as many times as desired but in any case will be posted in the corresponding topic on the official forum.
4.16. It is prohibited to block messages. There are no penalties for this but it is asked to pilot error by blocking messages to unlock it asap.

5) Join the league

5.1. Registration for the championship is in two parts:
- Registration of a team. This can be a team registered on lfs forum or invented fictitious team for the event.
- Registration of members of a team.
5.2. Each team will have the following model to register for the championship:
Car Number:
Model (s) car (s):
5.3.Each team must register their drivers with the following information:
- Nickname
- License name
5.4. A team may register in both categories.
5.5. The number of cars per team per category is limited to 2.
5.6. The number of drivers per team is not limited.
5.7. Race numbers will be assigned by the organizers after registration teams. These will be used throughout the season.
5.8. The line up of a team may be changed at any time.

6) Registration for races

6.1. Registration for the league is required to enroll in a race
6.2. Once you join the championship, you must register for each race to participate. (See General Organization of a race).
6.3. To register a team in a race, the leader of the team must meet the corresponding post on the forum and give the following information for each car from his team:
- Class
- Team Name
- Model
- Driver (s)
6.4. Numbers, names, models must be the same as those given during the registration of the team championship. No change during the season is possible. If a team want to change, they will lose all their points.
6.5. The number of pilots is 1 to 3 in the races whose duration is less than 6 hours and 2 in the races whose duration is less than 6 hours (1000kms race included). You may announce more driver but it is not authorized to roll over than authorized driver. Clearly it is possible to have reserve pilots.
6.6. A car can be teamed up entirely different from one race to another.
6.7. It can change many times as you want a team line up.
6.8. The allocation of places available is equitable between the two categories: 15 and 15 GT500 GT350. But if fewer than 8 enrolled in a class, an extension of the number of seats will be put in place 48 hours before the race. And 20 seats will be available for category acclaimed.

7) Organization of a race

7.1. Only one driver per car is allowed to perform during the qualifying. This driver have to drive at least one full lap (no out or in lap) during the race (exept forcemajeur)
7.2. When qualifying has been completed, the admins will finish the race to bring the safety car at the front of the race. The teams can change their driver and start the race with another driver than the one who has driven during the qualifying.
7.3. Once the race started, the drivers will ensure follow the safety car during a warm up lap in single file without overtaking and leaving a safety margin with the car ahead. It is allowed to zigzag in order to warm tyres as it is done carefully. Only the safety car sets the pace of the lap. He will ride 120 km / h maximum.
7.4. Once the lap is made, the safety car will take the pit lane, the control will be given to the leader. This should take care not to exceed 120 km / h before the line. The start of the race is given when the leader has crossed the line. No overtaking is allowed before the line. Any deviation from this rule will be sanctioned by a DT penalty.
7.5. No incident at the start can lead to a restart of the race. However the safety car will respond to a major incident (car on the roof ...). He then asked the pilots to maintain their position during this lap and slow at the end of it and come to follow the safety car. (See safety car).
7.6. LFSES administrators want to remind every racers that the races are long. So you can't win a race at the first corner, it is important to go carefully.

Blue flags and pit exit:

7.7. It is important that each driver participating in a round of LFSES be aware that he is not alone on track. Furthermore it is a competition on a game, certainly realistic, but in no case is the reality. It is therefore important that everyone respects each other regardless of level, age, sex, nationality, membership of a team or any community. It is also requested for the GT500 drivers to pay attention to those in the GT350 class which certainly slower but are also part of the race.
7.8. When a faster driver overtake a slower driver, a blue flag is showned. It informs him of the situation : this is an indication.
7.9. The Blue Flag is not a right of passage. It is the pilot to make quick overtaking to overtake the slower driver. The slower driver should be careful not to close the door, falling behind and where possible facilitated the maneuver. In all cases common sense prevails.
7.10. It is allowed to unlap.
7.11. In case of disconnection, the driver will ever appearance of a blue flag. Admins ask him to act with caution and in case of doubt not too much to resist. In all cases it is advisable to keep informed through a third of its current position in the race.
7.12. The pit exit line must be respected. No fixed penalty is set for their crossing, but in cas of incident, a stop and go penalty will be given to the driver.

Safety Car & reset:

7.13. Unlike previous seasons, the reset is only allowed under safety car procedure.
7.14. When a car is on the roof or unable to return to the pits under its own power, a procedure of safety car MAY be implemented.
7.15. A message will appear in the middle of the screen "SAFETY CAR" meaning that we come under safety car procedure.
7.16. It is forbidden to overtake under the safety car procedure if it is in favor of a pit stop. Any move will be punished. It is also illegal to pass any lapped car.
7.17. The safety car will take the track just ahead of the leader. He is asked all drivers to slow down with caution (watch your mirrors and make sure not to surprise anyone) and to follow the end of the field.
7.18. The stands are always open during neutralization. It is forbidden to enjoy the deceleration lane for more than cars.
7.19. During a safety car period, the reset is allowed only for the car in need which caused the safety car. No other cars are allowed to reset. Any obstacle will be punished with a drive through penalty followed by a stop and go. If you need to reset, you should wait that an admin told you to do so before resetting.
7.20. A safety car period lasts 3 laps.
7.21. The restart will be given to a line restart position upstream from the line of departure / arrival. No overshoot will be allowed before the line but it is allowed to uncouple but not gain momentum. The restart will be given in single file. Any slowdown from the moment the safety car enters the pit lane shall be liable to a penalty.


7.22. A ballast system is set up to balance levels.
7.23. Failure to do this will be sanctioned by the DQ of the car in question.
7.24. The ballast is carried by a driver and not a car or even a team.
7.25. The ballast system is as follows:
The principle is: It adds a given amount of weight compared to the result (the same for the two categories).
1. 15 kg
2. 10 kg
3. 5 kg
4. 0 kg
5. -5kg
6. -10kg
7. -15kg
8. -20kg
9. -25kg
10. -30kg
11. -35kg
12. -40kg
13. -45kg
14. -50kg
15. -50kg
16. -50kg
In the case of a DNF or absent, leave the weights of 0.
The maximum weight is 50kg. The initial weights are zero and no ballast can not be negative.
7.26. If a driver teamed with a weighted unballasted driver, both drivers will have to use the ballast including during the qualifying (for any driver who does) and in case of disconnection.

8) Rankings and scoring

8.1. There are 6 ratings for LFSES: - General driver any category
- Team by GT500
- By GT500 driver
- Team by GT350
- By GT350 driver
8.2. Pilots give defending champions the # 1 (and 2 if two voituress) in their class at their team.
8.3. The defending champion in the GT500 is MaxNorris team plz and GT350 Chrislap of Tech3R
8.4. The numbers 3 (and 4) are reserved for teams defending champions in their category.
8.5. The E-Team is champion
As a result, Nos. 101 and 102 will be the PLZ, 201 and 202 to Tech3R and numbers 103, 104, 203, 204 will be the E-Team.
Overall ranking: 1st: 30
2nd: 29
3rd: 28
4th: 27
5th: 26
6th: 25
7th: 24
8th: 23
9th: 22
10th: 21
11th: 20
12th: 19
13th: 18
14th: 17
15th: 16
16th: 15
17th: 14
18th: 13
19th: 12
20th: 11
21th: 10
22nd: 9
23rd: 8
24th: 7
25th: 6
26th: 5
27th: 4
28th: 3
29th: 2
30th: 1
31th: 0
Arranged by category: 1st: 30
2nd: 27
3rd: 24
4th: 21
5th: 18
6th: 15
7th: 13
8th: 11
9th: 9
10th: 7
11th: 5
12th: 4
13th: 3
14th: 2
15th: 1
8.7. Rankings for teams, the teams score points in the sum of its cars.
8.8. To be ranked, a car must have 75% of the distance achieved by the winning car of the class
8.9. To score points, a driver must complete at least one lap (exept in/out laps) and his car is classified.

9) Force Majeure

In case of problems with force majeure, it is possible that a race is stopped, postponed ... In case of postponement, it will be posted one week before the initial date of the race. In case of problems of servers (cut lag ...), the race may be stopped. A solution is sought by the admins. If a settlement is not reached within half an hour, the race is officially postponed to a later date. When the race resumed (it is the same or not), the race will be restarted after a safety car as the number of hours remaining rounds to less than an hour. So if 1:24 remaining, the race will be revived for one hour. Special regulatory adjustments can be made and announced by the admins. The final ranking will take into account differences before the break (tracker) except in cases where a safety car is deployed, in this case only the laps before the break will be taken into account.


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